5 Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent for Your Next Vacation

Given the do-it-yourself nature of the internet, travel agents have become one of the best services you’re not using. Planning a vacation by yourself can be a stressful and wasteful experience. You can spend hours online searching numerous websites for hotels and flights and still not get the best deal or end up in subpar hotel. Deciding which of the innumerable websites to use to plan your travels can leave your head spinning, not to mention attempting to pin down the right location, resort and activities for your needs and lifestyle. And not being familiar with the region you are researching can make this task even more daunting.

Why risk ruining your vacation or your honeymoon by guessing if the hotel you’re booking is the luxurious stay you are hoping to find?  Or missing out on the best activities your chosen destination offers? Here are five reasons you should start using a travel agent every time you take a trip.


As travel agents, we eat, sleep and breathe travel. We travel extensively and know the destinations, the hotels, the activities and most importantly, the right people. We have forged beneficial relationships with hoteliers and other pertinent travel executives so we can ensure top-level service throughout your vacation. We know which resorts offer the best packages, where to go if you are looking for nightlife or quiet, laid back getaway, which destinations are best for families and which are best for couples only. As we have traveled the world, we have discovered the best snorkeling spots, the finest restaurants and the most unique places to experience a locations culture.


If you run into issues on your trip a discount online service will not be there to advocate for you. But from the moment you begin the travel discussion until you return home, a travel agent will serve as your champion. We are there to walk you through any questions or issues that may arise, even while you are traveling. This service can be especially important if you are traveling in a foreign country.


Your travel agent has the inside track on the best deals, packages and special add-ons to make your vacation memorable. We partner with resorts and other travel professionals to bring you the best possible options. These partnerships are better than any you can find yourself online. But we don’t partner with just any resort, we only partner with the best to guarantee you the most luxurious stay and the best service possible. We can always offer the best value.

Personal Service

An agent has your best interests in mind and is adept at pairing you with the most suitable destination and resort. We will do some serious listening when it comes to your wish list, allowing us to fully understand your unique vision of a perfect getaway. Whether you are looking for an action-filled adventure or a relaxing, romantic getaway, we can create the perfect travel experience for you. Guiding you to the destination, resort and activities that fit your lifestyle and preferences is our goal. We can arrange a private limo to pick you up at the airport, have fresh flowers or your favorite sweet treat awaiting you at check-in or guide you to the most romantic spots to watch sunsets.

Guide for Online Reviews

Online reviews can act as a quick reality check on a hotel or resort but they are also a slippery slope. The reviewer could actually be a hotel employee and the accompanying photographs might be heavily Photoshopped. Good travel agents offer unbiased critiques of destinations and resorts that they have personally visited. We’ve slept in the beds, eaten the food and participated in the activities. We will not play favorites and steer you in the wrong direction.

Today’s professionals represent a new breed of travel advisor with a completely different take on vacation planning. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the industry, firsthand experiences and relationships with travel insiders, we sift through the Internet fluff to bring you the foremost travel options tailored to your likes and dislikes.

The Tropical Travelers want you to have a one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish. Our services go beyond booking a plane ticket and making a hotel reservation. We are there for you throughout your vacation to make sure it is everything you hope it to be whether you are wanting a family vacation, a fairy tale honeymoon or an adrenaline-filled adventure.

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