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Babymoons: A Luxurious Getaway Before Baby Arrives

The time leading up to the birth of a new baby is bursting with excitement and anticipation. Then, the big day finally arrives and your little bundle of joy is right there in your arms. It hits you about five minutes after the new mom’s epidural wears off that there’s a whole lot more to this parenting thing than either of you expected!

All kidding aside, it’s impossible to prepare completely for the joys and life-altering changes that accompany the addition of a new baby to the family. There is one special way, though, that expectant parents can make good use of the time leading up to delivery and that’s to take a Babymoon.

Regarded as a honeymoon-style vacation taken by a couple expecting a baby – whether it’s their first or they’re adding to their family – this unique concept permits them to enjoy each other before baby joins the household and the onslaught of sleepless nights begins.

As their families expand, many Babymoon couples look back to their last hurrah with great fondness. Even years later, our clients tell us they yearn to turn back the clock to their Babymoon.

Many couples decide to take their Babymoon in an all-inclusive tropical locale where they can unwind without worrying about getting to sightseeing locations or overdoing it. Typically, a Babymoon in a tropical resort also includes spa services tailor-made for moms- and dads-to-be. Others prefer a more urban and active Babymoon destination like New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco, or even choose to travel abroad.

Whatever your vacation style, budget or amount of available time, you can make the most of your Babymoon by following these three travel-tested tips:

1. Splurge on your accommodations. Since you will probably spend more time in your room than you have on previous getaways to ensure rest for the expectant mom, you’ll want to stay at a resort or hotel that offers top-notch service, plenty of amenities, trained staff and a good concierge.

2. Plan and maintain a manageable itinerary. Your Babymoon should include lots of time for rest and relaxation. Limit activities and sightseeing to what you can comfortably handle. We often plan just one activity per day for our clients and build in lots of unstructured time for them to enjoy the resort or hotel offerings.
3. Don’t miss out on an excuse to pamper yourself. Expecting moms (and dads) have been known to feel a little different day- to-day (or even hour-to-hour), so make sure your resort spa offers a range of services in addition to a certified prenatal massage program. One of our clients’ top requests is a combination sugar scrub and thorough foot/ankle/calf massage.
Happy Babymoon planning! If you’re looking for a little guidance, don’t hesitate to contact The Tropical Travelers at 1-800-479-0949 or by email at sales@thetropicaltravelers.com to start planning your vacation.  Visit our website for more information.and expert, personally-tested advice.


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