Beaches Turks and Caicos = Fabulous!

It’s been about 13 years since my last time at Beaches Turks and Caicos. I’ve visited this amazing island many times since then, but haven’t ventured back to Beaches since it opened in 1997. As nice as it was, Beaches wasn’t a resort that I anticipated offering to too many clients. At the time, kids were far from the brain and my clients were mostly honeymooners, so this resort didn’t really seem to fit my niche.
Turks and Caicos is truly a unique destination and it will capture your heart. It is truly my “home away from home.” From the gorgeous beach, to the wonderful locals, this island has so much to offer. There is simply no way to describe the color of their sea. And even if you look through magazines, websites or brochures, a lens just can’t capture the true turquoise of the ocean. That comment was actually made to me by a Turks Islander on my last visit.
I was invited to visit Beaches Turks and Caicos this past September and jumped at the opportunity to visit “my” island once again. Well, when I say I was so thoroughly impressed by what I found there, it was a true eye-opener. My experience with Beaches Turks and Caicos was on a purely family level. But, I quickly discovered that this hotel is exceptional in so many ways.
Yes, they do offer a 45,000 square foot water park, and they do have a children’s camp, as well as the Xbox Garage, DJ Academy, and a swim-up soda bar, but the range of options at Beaches was so much more than I thought. Tuck-in’s with Cookie Monster, birthday parties with Elmo, the options were endless.
When I received a request by adults without children for Beaches, I didn’t really recommend it for them. I just had in my mind that this resort was for the kids. Well, was I wrong. Yes, the kids have their own village full of activities. But, that means the adults get the rest of the resort! Chances are, you won’t see your kids until you check out. If you can drag them away, that is. Gourmet dining, top shelf liquor, evening entertainment, they have more than enough to keep the adults occupied while the kids are playing.
I came away from my visit with a “new” resort to offer my clients who want a memorable experience. I enjoyed it so much, I just booked a group vacation there for my friends and family for next May. I can’t wait to take them back to my “home away from home.”

See you in Turks!

Jennifer Byrne – Owner
The Tropical Travelers