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The file based accounting system predominates virtually all small to medium size accounting software in the pass, just enormous corporate with hundred of thousands can manage SQL Accounting, but this is not the situation any more, as SQL database server getting cheaper (even FREE!), an increasing number of accounting system are built on SQL database server, and I believe that you should seriously consider SQL Accounting for your own company and yourself! The Edges for software developer: 1. Scalable architecture. User can readily expand scale and their connection into a bigger system, normal file based accounting will just allow multi-users connections up to 20 or less. Modern computer is strong enough to run any database program, even on desktop computer, although the database powered accounting system will always require more resources compared to file established bookkeeping. Realtime processing. Computation can be processed by sQL Accounting with stored procedure support on the fly! Support realtime and batch processing.

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Different Company rules from interface. With proper software design, business rules can be separated by programmer from software interface; The database stored procedure will manage all company rules and processing related issue, while the software will manage all validation and user interactions. Such design enabled developer to port existing applications code to web based or other platform easily. Faster product delivery. Separation of business rules and user interface will greatly reduce testing and debug time, deliver the job more faster. The cheap Techsmith Camtasia Studio 7 Edges for end user: 1. Faster response time.

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Strong database will accelerate processing time. Store more information without performance decrease. The actual database storage lets over 100 GB of information while keeping a fast response time, when info grow over 1 GB file foundation begins to fall in operation. Less price to incorporate. Standard SQL database will be more easy to integrate with the present system, any company software vendor should have the ability to communicate with the database and automate the data exchange process with minimal support from accounting software vendor. There is absolutely no reason not to select SQL Accounting, functionality can be readily extended, but the based structure of the business system must be adaptable and scalable to spend less in the long run of the development. (C) Copyright 2008 CYNICS SOFTWARE – Feel free to reprint this article completely as long as all links and writer resources box in position.