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Last Minute Family Travel

School is out for the summer and somehow you neglected to plan your family’s vacation to the beach! You procrastinated. Now what?  No worries! We have you covered. Let’s squeeze in some last minute memories and stretch these glorious carefree summer days before it’s too late. The Vacation Consultants at The Tropical Travelers know convenience is the key to last minute family-friendly travel. 

Two major components will keep your family vacation convenient: travel packages and all-inclusive resorts. An obstacle to planning a great last minute vacation is finding one part of the trip, but not the other: booking a suite, but not being able to find the airfare to your destination. A great way to avoid this annoyance is by wrapping the two together in a package. Our Vacation Consultants are here to ease your mind and help you confidently book your trip, even when you procrastinate with your vacation plans.

Convenience is a travel necessity for traveling with kids and nothing is more convenient than finding a low-maintenance vacation.  All-inclusive resorts are guaranteed vacations, where for a few nights you can count on economic stability and ease of planning. With an all-inclusive resort vacation, even mom gets waited on hand and foot!

An excellent example of a choice for a family vacation is the Hard Rock resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This is an all-inclusive resort that delivers unbeatable service and surprising luxuries. Beaches, spa, casino, golf and amazing restaurants are just some of the features that await you here. There are eleven pools on the 121 acre property to keep all your little water babies happy. On a five day vacation you could hit two pools a day and never dip your toes in the same pool twice. Those are some good odds.

We have all the tricks to making last minute family travel a breeze. Our Consultants at The Tropical Travelers will help arrange and book your summer escape. There is no better way to wrap up summer than soaking up some sun with the ones you love!

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