Satisfied Clients

Clients came to me last year on a referral and after discussing several options with them, we put together an amazing stay at CuisinArt Resort in Anguilla. My new clients were thrilled to bits with their vacation. Eric and Faith contacted me again recently in regards to going back again this March, or possibly trying another destination. We again looked at CuisinArt’s packages, but in addition, we took into considering a stay at Seven Stars in Turks and Caicos. I felt since they had such a wonderful stay at CuisinArt, they would adore this property that I love so much in Turks and Caicos. I advised them on this island since they had no experience with it. They were very excited at the prospect of a new adventure. Seven Stars is a luxury resort offering all the amenities my upscale travelers were looking for in a getaway. And with my contacts at the resort, they can rest assured this vacation will live up to their expectations.

My clients will be leaving shortly and they can’t wait. I’m anxious to hear all about their travels. As a travel consultant, I thrive on creating memorable vacations for my clients and utilizing my past travel experience to advise them on wonderful spots I feel they would love. I enjoy being creative and putting together “the pieces of the puzzle.” These clients are some of my favorites because they give me creative license to wow them. Eric and Faith have been very satisfied clients and I’m really looking forward to a long relationship with them.