Traveling with the Times – Stephanie Lockhart

My career in travel began following high school, which has me in the industry for 20 years now. I began my career with a vacation wholesaler and assisted travel agents with package vacations for their clients.  I then made the move to a small storefront travel agency where I held a frontline agent position. My responsibilities included everything from writing airline tickets to planning vacations throughout Europe. I developed a solid client base and some long lasting relationships during my time with the agency.

From there, I moved onto corporate travel where I planned business travel. I found corporate travel to be very different from vacation planning and soon made the move back to leisure travel. I spent the next 7 years in this position and found it to be very fulfilling and had a good amount of success with my sales growth. I found it to be a great learning experience. Working with customers taught me how to offer exceptional service and above all else, how to really listen to the client. In order to fully understand what my clients needs were, that was imperative. I went above and beyond to pay great attention to the details of each vacation and assisted my clients throughout the reservation process, during travel and after.  I took great pride in offering my clients the knowledge I had of the industry and of the destinations they were most interested in. I was able to match my clients with the perfect resorts and create a very memorable experience for them. However, I was creatively stunted by the policies of the current agency and went in search of a different opportunity.

Recently I joined The Tropical Travelers team where I was afforded the freedom to sell travel my way and treat my clients to a new version of personalized service and customized vacations.  I believe this agency succeeds where many others fail. Customization and personalization are the company’s mottos.

I am often asked “Why should I book through a travel agent when I can book online myself?” or most recently “You are a travel agent, I didn’t know they still existed.”

First of all I am no longer a travel agent.  I am a luxury vacation consultant and yes I do exist.  There are some very important points I would like to make:

**Do I charge for my services?  I not only don’t charge for my services, but I will guarantee the very best possible price for your vacation.
**I have my finger on the pulse of the hot trends in vacations. I know where to find the hidden gems and how to get the most value out of your vacation dollar.
**If you have a travel emergency, you can reach me 24 hours per day.
**I will be your first and last point of contact during the travel planning process. And when you return, I will be waiting eagerly for your full vacation review.
**I will always lead you to the best resort for you, based on your criteria.
**I enjoyed working with you and will certainly offer the same care and attention to any referrals you send to me.

I will delight you with my exceptional service and offer you a quality vacation with excellent value.  I have the expertise and first-hand knowledge to present you with your tropical paradise.  It does exist and I know where to find it.  The Tropical Travelers offers so much more than a “book it now” process. We take the time to create a dream experience customized just for you.  It has been such a pleasure planning unforgettable honeymoons, anniversary and vacations of a lifetime.  This industry is ever changing but one thing will always remain, a skilled travel consultant is a must!

:Looking forward to planning your dream vacation!


Sunny regards,