Troubles in Mexico?

So, much has been discussed in the media, on the Web, in chat rooms and everywhere in between about the issues Mexico is facing right now. Rumors are swirling, the media is having a field day and travelers are nervous. I want to set your minds at ease with the real story as confirmed by our friends in Mexico…first hand.

Yes, there are drug issues in Mexico. The primary locations are near the US borders. So, places like Tijuana and Mexico cities south of El Paso, TX are the locations feeling the impact from these problems. These locations are hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles from the tourist vacation spots. They are not interested in targeting tourists, nor are they converging on Cancun. So, if you are traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula, you can rest assured, you will be safe from any drug cartels.

It is unfortunate this is happening to those communities, but even more unfortunate that people are suffering all over Mexico now. People who depend on tourism to feed their families and to survive. Mexico is a beautiful country full of amazing sites and people. It would be a shame to boycott entire country because there is a crisis in a small area.

Would you not travel to New York City from LA because you heard there were drugs in Atlanta??? You have to put it in perspective. So get going…Mexico is waiting!

Here is a link I was sent from a hotelier friend in Mexico…

Happy Travelers!

Jennifer Byrne